How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

One of the saddest, most complicated, moments in my life are the problems that conclude to - “I can’t fix this.”  I’m trying to understand by using the Yin and Yang concept.  Balance.  “Good does not exist without evil.”  So, things work out, and sometimes it doesn’t.  We’re only human; I mean, whatever that entails.  The Lord Jesus Christ, take Him for example, look how the world turned out.  I’m falling apart as of this moment.  Instead of being an optimist, reality came into my life uninvited.  After all that we’ve been through, being happy is also inviting the deep, speechless agony. 

A Period of Agony.

I don’t know what to think or feel.

I’m single. He’s single.

To answer your question(s) about a kiss-on-the-cheek post, we’re not dating. Rob and I were jokingly competing to be cuter than our other friends, Dean and his boyfriend Justin. Btw, go ahead & reblog that picture though so we can say, “that’s right, bitch!”